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I don’t think that words could sum up how appreciative we are for all of your help with our wedding. All of the countless hours and the hard work were worth it because our wedding day was more beautiful than we could have ever dreamed! From the very beginning of planning till the end of our wedding day, you were incredible! Thank you for helping us organize our thoughts, pushing us when we didn’t want to plan anymore and for keeping us blissfully unaware of anything that might have gone wrong on our wedding day! We also want to thank you for your encouragement throughout this process; we really couldn’t have done it without you. Along with our families, we want to express our gratitude to you and your team, we couldn’t be more grateful!

Benson & ChrisAnn


From start to finish - EZevents and their team provided something priceless for us - peace of mind through the planning process and peace of mind the day of our wedding. Thank you for putting your all into our wedding. Your team brought experience and excellence to the table, and it was more than evident throughout our wedding day. Details we overlooked never escaped your attention. With multiple face-to-face meetings and planning sessions, EZevents coordinated our wedding to perfection. You helped provide an unforgettable experience for us, our families, and our friends. Thank you!

Manoj 'MJ' Oommen and Nitina


For the most important day of our lives, EZevents provided the calm, organized, and methodical solution that we needed.  Every minute of the day was planned and accounted for, leaving us only to appreciate and enjoy our wedding.  EZevents coordinated with every usher, every singer, every speaker, pastor, you name it—they went the extra mile to ensure that the day would go as planned.  EZevents took ownership and didn’t leave any room for ambiguity.  Words can’t express our appreciation; if you are looking for an event planner to provide you peace of mind, professionalism, and transparency—look no further than EZevents.

Asha & Denny


Santhosh George is organized, thoughtful, and systematic about how to run a special event. Regardless of what it is, wedding, engagement, and any family gathering he anticipates problems and issues and is always willing to share valuable information and advice from his wealth of experience.  Especially with weddings, he is the best person you can have on your team plan out your auspicious event. Santhosh helped us organize our wedding day. I am so grateful for all his advice, his constant reminders, and even his support on the wedding day.  He goes the extra mile, also helps out with items you may overlook or forget.  He keeps tabs on all the wedding vendors and makes sure he has a team in place to verify that the vendors have all fulfilled their obligations.  He will do his very best to mitigate and settle any issues before it reaches the couple's family. You can’t find a better wedding and event coordinator than Santhosh George and EZEVENTS.

Renjith & Runa


My husband and I got married on April 2nd, 2016 in New Rochelle, NY. We were living in Chicago at the time so planning a wedding for more than 500 guests was not an easy task. Santhosh made the planning process so much easier for us and made sure that we were stress free on the day of our wedding. He was detail oriented and ensured that everything was in place leading up to the big day. He was always available to meet when we made trips home or was just a phone call or text away. I knew I could rely on him get the job done. Thank you for the great work you did during our wedding!

Jamie & Toby K


The love of your life asking for your hand in marriage is thrilling and romantic. Planning your wedding, on the other hand, is not. EZevents made the tedious task of planning out every detail of one of the busiest and most important days of our lives, I dare say, easy. Santhosh's expertise in planning large scale events is obvious. He knew exactly how to help us prepare for, plan, and execute the day we had envisioned. Not only does Santhosh help you plan the logistics of your entire day, he will also oversee and coordinate with each individual vendor to ensure that every detail of your day turns out exactly the way you wanted it. When our florist didn't decorate the church exactly as we had planned, Santhosh stepped in and rectified the situation without having to involve us. Because he took care of every detail, big and small, we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding day, which turned out beautifully.

Phil & Debbie


Bringing in EZevents for the planning of our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. From the start of the planning process to the final moments of our wedding, EZevents was there to assist and guide us in more way ways that we could have imagined. They invested their time and energy to ensure that the vision for our wedding was a success. We were truly able to let go and enjoy the day of our wedding as EZevents managed all aspects of the big day both big and small. We highly recommend EZevents to any couple that is looking to make the planning of their big day an  easy and efficient process.

Christina & Jenson


Wedding planning, especially for larger weddings, can be a total nightmare. My wife (fiance at that time) and I found ourselves in an especially challenging situation: having to plan a wedding with around  500 guests in less than 6 months during our hardest semester of graduate school as of yet (with the wedding being 2 days after finals!). Luckily, Santhosh was with us every step of the way to make sure things were done correctly. Even more, after I had set up deals with various vendors, I was surprised to find that they had all emailed me again with lower rates and modified contracts (literally saving us thousands of dollars) after EZEvents NY had contacted them. All this is to say that EZEvents NY goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best rates and that your big day goes smoothly. 

 EZEvents NY pays attention to every detail even down to how the guests are ushered to the cocktail hour and reception after the ceremony. One piece of advice that many people had given me before my wedding was "don't expect to please everyone because there will always be someone who complains about your wedding." Thanks to Santhosh and EZEvents NY (and of course, God), my wife and I can honestly say that our wedding was a blessing to us and to those who attended. I highly recommend EZEvents NY to anyone who needs help in planning a wedding (especially a large wedding). 

Joel & Jessica


Ezevents helped us tremendously to organize and excecute our wedding without a hitch! Their services ensured that no detail, on one of the most important days of our lives, was overlooked. Santhosh takes the stress of planning your event away. He is detail oriented and that gives you piece of mind that everything will go smooth, as if you yourself were overseeing the process the day of. He will guide you through the process of organizing your ceremony, your reception and everything in between. We are so grateful for all that you did for us on our wedding day!

Kevin & Jeslin


Santhosh played a pivotal role in our wedding planning. He went above and beyond to make sure every detail fell into place. He spent countless hours helping us figure out all the logistics of our special day. His dedication and follow-through are unmatched. We knew we could relax and enjoy our wedding because he had everything under control. Joel and I are so grateful for how seamlessly the day went and that wouldn’t have been possible without Santhosh’s great effort and care. It was truly a pleasure working with him and we highly recommend him!

Joel & Sharon


EZEvents and Mr. George are outstanding wedding planners!! Mr. George is hardworking, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable! He helped us plan out our wedding from the time we announced our engagement. From knowing what vendors to use, to knowing how to negotiate for the best price, EZEvents is well experienced and a leader in this industry. They were planning weddings and events before “event planning” became a common trade. If you choose EZEvents you will not be disappointed. They know what they’re doing and know exactly how to execute every type of event with precision and confidence. The EZEvents team is staffed with well experienced event planning professionals. If you choose them, I’m sure your event will be a success!

Stan & Sheba

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