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Find my iPlan...

If you have an iPhone or any Apple products, you may have had to use "Find my iPhone" feature at least once every few months. It is a convenient way to help you find your phone when your two-year-old threw the $800 phone in the bottom of her toy basket or when you left it in one of your 18 different bags. When planning an event we often wish we had a "Find my iPlan" app to help us navigate our way when we get lost.

In America we are blessed to have a professional for everything... from professional dog walker to professional heart surgeon, we have a wide range of helpers available.

However if you don't find the right kind of help, it will be as good as trying to use "Find my iPhone" feature on a Samsung device.

Here's how you can make an educated decision:

1. Affordability: Choose a wedding planner that fits your budget. Most planners have various levels / packages that they offer for various services.

2. Assumptions: In order to avoid confusions, make decisions early as to who is responsible for each piece of the puzzle. For example, if you pick the cheapest plan, you may be required to do more things. Pick a planner and plan that fits your lifestyle. If you are a very busy person and have no free time left for yourself in general, it may be advisable to pick a high or medium tier package.

3. Availability: Choose a wedding planner that is known for being available whenever you have a question or doubt. As you start this journey of planning, it will become more and more evident that you have more questions than you anticipated. So it is imperative that you pick someone who is always available for you.

4. Action-ready: Choose a wedding planner that is reasonably available and ready to fill in for tasks that may have fallen apart or fallen behind along the way. Example: if you have assigned your cousin to do the seating chart and it has not been done on time, your planner should, reasonably, be able to assist you in filling in for missed tasks.

5. Culture familiar: Choosing the right wedding planner is like choosing the right doctor. Your heart issues cannot be treated by your dentist. Pick someone who is familiar with your lifestyles, culture, religion and is able to accomodate special requests.

Finding your iPlanner is not a light task, but if it is done right it will help you "Find your iPlan" when you need it most.

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